We began our careers in private practice in the West End and City of London, working within the retail, office, industrial and leisure sectors.

We have backgrounds in commercial agency, investment, development, professional services and management and have amassed a wealth of practical experience which we pass on to our Clients in the form of solid, considered advice, tailored to underlying market conditions.

Robert Stephens
E-mail: robert.stephens@robert-stephens.com Mobile: 07710 124725
Paul Johnson
E-mail: paul.johnson@robert-stephens.com Mobile: 07710 124723
Richard Stephens
E-mail: richard.stephens@robert-stephens.com Mobile: 07710 124722
Andrew Ilsley
E-mail: andrew.ilsley@robert-stephens.com Mobile: 07717 292210

(left to right: Robert Stephens, Paul Johnson, Richard Stephens, Andrew Ilsley)